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Get Lost in Beijing! Cheap Flights!

  • Beijing China
    Beijing China
Beijing China


Travel to Beijing and unlock the secrets of China. Discover this enigmatic place for yourself – an increasingly modernised city of towering high-rises, but one which has retained its fascinating historic and cultural magnificence, boasting a classical Chinese architectural galore of temples, gardens, and imperial palaces of ages past.

The sprawling city radiates out from the infamous Forbidden City at the heart of Beijing which overlooks Tiananmen Square, the site of so many powerful historic events and of rich political significance. Stand in amazement at the Tiananmen Gates portrait of Mao Ze Dong before entering the majestic walled city. Called ‘Gugong’ in Chinese, it is the largest palace complex in the world. Be there as the sun sets solemnly over the Square as the place is beautifully lit up, evoking an entirely different mood.

No trip to Beijing would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall of China, a breathtaking sight to behold as the emblem of Chinese civilisation. Several sections of the 6350 kilometre man-made phenomenon are accessible in the Beijing area, such as at the 600-year-old Badaling Fortification in the northwest Yanqing county, Jinshanling, Simatai, and Mutianyu.

How about a visit to the Temple of Heaven, the remains of Peking Man at Zhoukoudian, or the Summer Palace - just some of the other fabulous historic sites that await! So book with Jetabroad today, and immerse yourself in Beijing.

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