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Jetabroad Customer Support

To help us assist you, please fill in the online form below. Jetabroad Customer Support is based in Sydney, Australia and operates 9am to 5pm EST Monday to Friday.

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Passenger Name Correction Request

Due to increased airline security, passenger names on tickets must match passport details. Its best to complete this short form with your instructions.

Please note:

  • The name on your travel document (passport) must match the name on your ticket at all times.
  • Middle names are required for itineraries involving travel to USA.
  • Most airlines do not allow name changes. Name corrections may be allowed at a fee.
  • To help us check with the airline if a name correction is required or allowed, please attach a copy of your passport and send us an email.
  • If the required change is in your Surname, due to a change of your marital status, please attach a copy of your marriage certificate as well.

Update Contact Details

Use this form if your contact details have changed since you made your booking.

Connecting City Accommodation Request

Please use this form when you are requesting accommodation where the airline has an overnight connection.

Passport Information

Please use this form when we have asked you to send your Passport Information.

Add Infant To Booking Request

Please use this form if you wish to add a new born infant to your booking. We will advise via email any airline costs and request your authority to proceed with the addition.


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